Great Stories Move You. 

"Every company is        a media company." 

- Tom Foremski, our senior media consultant  

So, we've created a new type of media agency to help every media company

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Our Philosophy Is Simple:

In a world where "every company is a media company" - you need to "think like a journalist" to unlock EC = MC, the transformative equation for business. It's a philosophy our co-founder and editorial director, Tom Foremski, created about a decade ago. It helped spark a movement in editorial content marketing that's more useful, relevant and worth sharing with others. As experienced brand journalists, we create content that spreads by word of mouth; that people talk about together "at the water cooler," to quote an old analogy. 

  Our Services Include: ​

  • Newsroom and magazine design

  • "Think Like a Journalist" training 

  • Ghost-written bylines and posts 

  • Storytelling strategy and counsel 

  • Video and podcast production 

  • Creative editorial projects 


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Group Training Sessions to "Think Like a Journalist" 

These half-day group training sessions are ideal for five to 12 attendees - including members of the marketing, social media and corporate communications teams.


We provide a mix of strategic and practical advice on creating compelling editorial communications services that will make your content more engaging, relevant and more likely to be shared by your audiences. 

 One Example of a Modern 

 Media Services Company:  

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"Every company is a media company." 

The transformative business equation 

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In an age when "every company is a media company,"

we're here to advise and help every media company.  

Every Media Company offers editorial consulting services, including: strategic communications counsel, magazine storytelling and design services, blog and social media content, ghost-written bylines and editorial placements, video and podcast production, script writing, copywriting and company newsroom design

The concept of "every company is a media company" 

was first coined by Tom Foremski in April 2010.  

To read more about EC = MC, visit Silicon Valley Watcher: 

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