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Since 2015, Chris Knight has served as the U.S. PR and marketing director for Redpoint eventures, the Brazilian venture capital arm of Silicon Valley's Redpoint Ventures. The VC firm specializes in early-stage investments in Brazilian internet companies. In this role, he advises the firm's 40+ portfolio companies on news and storytelling, co-develops and places thought leadership guest posts in media outlets such as TechCrunch, HuffPost, Forbes and Silicon Valley Watcher. 

Most notably, Chris has developed a close working relationship with TechCrunch and placed a series of 10 editorial guest posts that are attributed to Redpoint eventures' three managing partners on the ground in Sao Paulo at CUBO - now the world's second largest entrepreneurial hub, a project that was co-founded by Redpoint eventures and Itau, Brazil's largest bank. TechCrunch is the most highly read tech news blog in Brazil and garnering coverage in the publication is highly coveted. 

Below in the editorial guest post carousel, you'll find the majority of TechCrunch guest posts that Chris has collaborated with on with the three managing partners: Romero Rodrigues, Anderson Thees and Manoel Lemos - in addition to guest posts that have been placed with other publications. 

Scroll through the TechCrunch editorial guest posts: 

Great Stories Move You. 

 Every Company Is A Media Company 

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The concept of "every company is a media company" 

was first coined by Tom Foremski in April 2010.  

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