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BayBrazil Conference 

LinkedIn Q&A campaign 

Fabricio Bloisi, Movile CEO and founder

Movile CEO and Founder Fabricio Bloisi being interviewed on-stage by Innova Capital's Veronica Allende Serra at the BayBrazil Conference (8/22/19) 

Photo: Chris Knight

Read about the BayBrazil Conference in ZDNet: 


The 8th-annual BayBrazil Conference brought together well-known entrepreneurs, investors and Silicon Valley legends - including Google's Head of AI Research Peter Norvig, Movile CEO and Founder Fabricio Bloisi and global VC firms including Innova Capital, Redpoint and SoftBank. Yet, even with a fantastic line-up of speakers and Brazil being a hotbed of tech innovation and global investments, it is difficult to spread the word and ensure you have all the seats full these days. 

We designed and executed a seven-week LinkedIn campaign focused on editorial-style content in the form of Q&As to ensure a standing-room only crowd of more than 300 attendees for the all-day conference at SRI International HQ in Menlo Park that connects leaders from Brazil and Silicon Valley each year. 

To help bring the high-caliber speakers to life, and leave potential attendees craving to learn more, we researched, conducted interviews and published Q&A features with some of the top BayBrazil Conference speakers on to BayBrazil CEO Margarise Correa's LinkedIn channel beginning in late July, leading up to the event. From there, we encouraged BayBrazil members, the speakers and their colleagues and friends to share the Q&A posts on their channels to boost reach. 

Additionally, we used the Q&As to share with local tech and business press to interest them in attending and covering the event - which resulted in Forbes and ZDNet covering stories tied to the event. Plus, a Wall Street Journal reporter who covers Silicon Valley tech and VC stories attended the event for a full afternoon. 


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Q&A with Google's Peter Norvig on AI.png

Read LinkedIn Q&A article with Google's Head of AI Research Peter Norvig 

Q&A with Movile's Fabricio Bloisi.png

Read LinkedIn Q&A article with Movile CEO and Founder Fabricio Bloisi  

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Q&A with SoftBank LatAm Partner.png

Read LinkedIn Q&A article with SoftBank Managing Partner Shu Nyatta  

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