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Blue Angel Vodka 

LGBTQ+ community engagement


At 89, when longtime San Francisco philanthropist and inventor Maurice Kanbar, founder of SKYY Vodka, decided he'd like to launch a new vodka brand, Blue Angel - and then expand that brand as quickly as possible to do good through its proceeds - we were hooked. What a fantastic project: "Vodka for Good!" 

We developed and executed a LGBTQ+ community engagement campaign leading up to the annual SF PRIDE celebration in San Francisco, one of the largest in the world, to create an emotional connection and drive preference for Blue Angel Vodka. Our work included storytelling and content development, designing fundraising events at popular Castro nightclubs and bars led by LGBTQ+ influencers, PR, and the production of video segments and event photography to share on social media channels. 

Both fundraisers, to benefit the Imperial Council of San Francisco and the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus, were jam-packed, festive and memorable. They drove significant word-of-mouth marketing and the Daftboy "THIRSTY" fans we designed were a huge hit and continued to appear on social media feeds for months to come following the LGBTQ+ campaign that was timed to the San Francisco pilot launch of Blue Angel Vodka supported by an ad campaign theme of "Drink Altruistically" created by ad partner The Hub. 

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Original Blue Angel Vodka back-cover artwork by David Helton

Left mag article for Blue Angel launch.p

Feature story for Left Magazine ghost-written by Chris Knight 

"50 Years of Fab!" fundraiser party images by Chris Knight 

GBOMB! video segment featuring Donna Sachet

co-produced by Celso Dulay and Chris Knight

GBOMB! video segment featuring Dr. Tim Seelig

co-produced by Celso Dulay and Chris Knight

Blue Angel vodka media hit - DG site.png

7X7 Magazine story placement with GBTV video by Chris Knight 

"Unbreakable" SFGMC fundraiser party images by Chris Knight 

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