Underwater dance photo by Joao Carlos, Extreme Team

Close-up photo of dragonfly in flight by David Newton, Extreme Team

Meet the Extreme Team: 

"50 Years of Fab!" fundraiser party images by Chris Knight 

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Honored by PRWeek as the best "Tech Campaign of the Year" and nominated for "Global Campaign of the Year." 

SanDisk Extreme Pro 

Global Marketing Campaign 


SanDisk, the global leader in flash memory cards, launched its first SanDisk Extreme Pro products for pro photographers and videographers at a high price point with a goal of capturing more market share from competitors, in particular Lexar, that had begin to steal market share from its "cash cow" line of pro cards. 

To bring the key benefits of high capacity, speed and reliability to life - and why they matter to pros - we developed the strategy and led global execution of a SanDisk Extreme Pro PR and marketing campaign in 25 countries (while Chris Knight served as SanDisk's global retail PR director while at Cohn & Wolfe.) 

The central stars of the global campaign, which is still quite active today, is a group of "extreme" pro photographers and videographers dubbed the SanDisk Extreme Team. We conducted in-depth focus group research with the Extreme Team which informed our campaign messaging, produced mini-documentary videos on location with members of the Extreme Team in action, and incorporated them into an advertising and PR campaign around the world. According to former SanDisk CEO and founder Eli Harari, it has proven to be "the most effective brand marketing initiative in the history of the company." 

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PRWeek story on SanDisk Extreme Pro camp

Photo of Olympian athlete flying in air by Jeff Lewis, Extreme Team

PRWeek feature story on the SanDisk Extreme Pro campaign 

Photo of pro surfer in funnel wave by George Karbus, Extreme Team

SanDisk TV segment featuring Jeff Lewis 

co-produced by Celso Dulay and Chris Knight

SanDisk TV segment featuring Matt May and Suzanne Ricca 

co-produced by Celso Dulay and Chris Knight

Meet the Extreme Team: 

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The SanDisk Extreme team was featured in a college textbook evangelism case study: "Public Relations: Strategies & Tactics" - Chapter 4, 10th edition. 

SanDisk TV segment featuring Claudia Goetzelmann

co-produced by Celso Dulay and Chris Knight

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