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In an age when "every company is a media company," we're here to advise and help every media company.  

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Every Media Company offers editorial consulting services, including: strategic communications counsel, magazine storytelling and design services, blog and social media content, ghost-written bylines and editorial placements, video and podcast production, script writing, copywriting and company newsroom design


The concept of "every company is a media company" 

was first coined by Tom Foremski in April 2010.  

To read more about EC = MC, visit Silicon Valley Watcher: 

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Great Stories Move You. 

 Every Company Is A Media Company 

Peggy Northrop recently served as launch editor for Airbnb magazine via the Hearst Corporation.

Its goal: build a community of like-minded travelers who prefer to be "at home in the world" and to "see the world through a local lens."

Peggy worked closely with the team at Redbird on the branding and design of Airbnbmag. A recommended partner, you can find more info about them here: 


Editorial Craft Masters  

"You need editors, not brand managers, who will push the envelope to make a brand media property go forward." 

- Seth Godin, American author and entrepreneur   

Decades of Experience:

We've worked since the 1990s as mass-media pros - including TV, radio, and international newspapers and magazines - and helped innovate new ways to reach brands' audiences in the age of social media and digital consumption. 

Our senior editorial team includes:

 Peggy Northrop, who recently served as launch editor for, and  worked as Editor-in-Chief for the likes of Sunset, More and Reader's Digest

 Tom Foremski, ex-Financial Times correspondent, publisher of Silicon Valley Watcher and a contributor for ZDNet. He's the author of "In My Humble Opinion."

 Chris Knight, a former field producer for ABC-TV in Boston, photojournalist and newspaper reporter, and senior brand evangelist in Silicon Valley for 20 years. Screenshot.png

Chris serves as creative director and co-producer of San Francisco's, which creates LGBTQ+ news and lifestyle video content 

Chris created and led the award-winning SanDisk Extreme Pro global marketing campaign in 24 countries.


He is also the co-founder and creative director of Divino Group, the parent company of Every Media Company.  


Creative Director, Writer and Photographer 

Chris began his career as a journalist: writing and photographing for Salt magazine, the Vineyard Gazette and the San Francisco Bay Guardian. He also worked as a field producer for ABC-TV in Boston. 


From the late 1990s to 2015, he worked as a marketing communications consultant for numerous global brands and tech startups at large, multinational agencies like GCI Group, FleishmanHillard, Cohn & Wolfe and Ruder Finn. 


His experience across sectors and campaigns is broad, including sports marketing, corporate communications for public companies, sustainability and CSR, consumer electronics, R&D labs, A.I. and robotics, SaaS platforms, VC firms, executive speeches and thought leadership. He's created integrated branding campaigns on a global scale. 


Clients he's served during the last two decades include BMW, ClearStory Data, Genentech, Jumpshot, Maxtor, Movidius, Neato Robotics, Panasonic, Project Kaisei, Redpoint eventures, SanDisk, Seagate Technology, Sun Labs, The Bay Citizen, Venrock and

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Tom is an ex-Financial Times journalist, who's covered the collision of technology and media at his blog, Silicon Valley Watcher, since 2004. 




Senior Media Communications Consultant 

Tom was the first to coin the phrase "Every Company Is a Media Company." He's been covering San Francisco and Silicon Valley for more than two decades and has witnessed the transformation of Silicon Valley becoming a Media Valley. 

From 1999 to 2004, he worked as a full-time technology correspondent and columnist for the Financial Times from the San Francisco Bay Area. He was the first journalist to leave a major newspaper, the FT, to become a "journalist blogger" and publisher of Silicon Valley Watcher. 

More recently, Tom served as editorial communications director for Delphix, an SV-based innovator of virtualized databases. He's also served as an advisor to IBM, Infineon, Intel, Microsoft, Novell, Tibco and Weber Shandwick. 

In 2014, Tom received the "Innovator of the Year" award from The Holmes Report, one of the PR industry's top trade publications. He's spoken at more than 100 conferences and company events, and interviewed most of the top CEOs in Silicon Valley and beyond. 

IMHO - Tom Book.png



Tom is the author of: "In My Humble Opinion: Notes from a Silicon Valley Watcher" available on Amazon.   

Peggy has previously served as Editor-in-Chief for major national and international magazines, including Reader's Digest, More and Sunset








Creative Editorial Projects

Magazine Developer 

We specialize in delivering high-quality brand journalism that hits the mark with our Creative Editorial Services - led by our resident Editor-in-Chief, Peggy Northrop, an award-winning editor who's headed four national media brands.


Our services include research, development and execution of full online and/or offline publications that feature stories, columns, Q&As, photo essays, podcasts and videos that are designed to build community, audience engagement. 


Peggy is an expert in multi-platform content strategy and execution, storytelling for brands and media companies, team building, media partnerships and design team management. 

She excels at creating editorial content that delights audiences online, in print and at live events and has built a reputation for bringing out the best in creative people by fostering collaboration and setting audacious goals. Peggy she can make stuff happen really fast for large, complex projects that involve multiple creatives such as writers, photographers, designers, video producers and editors. 


Most recently, Peggy worked with the Hearst Corporation and Redbird to launch Airbnb's first media project. Airbnbmag, now a quarterly publication. This included its content strategy, tagline and mission statement through its fast ramp-up and final design in just four months. 

Peggy has extensive experience in health, lifestyle and women's media. She's held senior positions at Vogue, Glamour and Real Simple. She served as Editor-in-Chief of Sunset Publishing, Global Editor-in-Chief for Reader's Digest, and Editor-in-Chief of More, overseeing all digital and print operations, podcasts and live events. 

Peggy recently worked with the Hearst Corporation to launch Airbnb's first media project, Airbnbmag, now a quarterly publication. 



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