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Every Company Is A Media Company

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Expert Newsroom Design    

"The whole idea of television news or any kind of news it to inform people about things they need to know about." 

- Ted Turner, CNN founder, media proprietor and philanthropist   

Your Corporate Newsroom Is Your Media Hub 

While Ted Turner's quote, above, may sound obvious to some - it's no easy task to deliver news and information in a way that is highly relevant and consumable for your core audiences. In order to deliver a great experience and project your brand in the right way, we need to understand what your constituents care about and will respond to. 

We can help you craft a newsroom and design an editorial style for your media hub that will resonate with them based on our knowledge of your target audiences, or by conducting small focus groups with representative samplings of your audiences to better inform us before committing to a direction. We can also create and adjust editorial content over time by responding to data-driven insights that we garner from your audiences' interactions with content. 

In terms of newsroom platform partners, we have worked with PressPage to create engaging content formats and distribute that content in a way that helps to maximize its consumption, total reach and communications impact. However, we can assist you with audience research, corporate newsroom design, content strategy and execution via any platform you prefer to use. 

Sample Newsrooms Built with PressPage: 

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