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Great Stories Move You. 

 Every Media Company 

 A Media Services Agency 

 Based in San Francisco 

 Every Company Is A Media Company 

415-786-9226 cell 

In an age when "every company is a media company,"

we're here to advise and help every media company.  

Every Media Company offers editorial consulting services, including: strategic communications counsel, magazine storytelling and design services, blog and social media content, ghost-written bylines and editorial placements, video and podcast production, script writing, copywriting and company newsroom design

The concept of "every company is a media company" 

was first coined by Tom Foremski in April 2010.  

To read more about EC = MC, visit Silicon Valley Watcher: 

Every Media Company is a division of Divino Group

Contact Chris Knight:, 415-786-9226 c

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